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Hey all!

This Friday November 22 I am opening for Matt the Electrician (from Austin, Tx) for his CD release.
I will start around 8pm so please come out and enjoy the tunes and then keep your seat for Matt the Electrician. If you haven’t seen him in the DFW area yet, you will definitely want to add his upcoming release to your playlist.
The cover is $10 at Opening Bell Coffee. Weather is going to be chilly with a chance of rain – a perfect night to cozy up with a few friends and a cup of coffee (or two) in the basement of the Southside on Lamar building.
See you soon!

xo Phoenix

Hey friends! Let’s play a game…

I have a show this Friday January 27th at Opening Bell Coffee in Dallas, and it is quickly becoming something exciting!

First of all Troubadour, TX will be there filming for their TV show (click HERE to see where it airs near you)

and Second – There is a chance to win some FREE Phoenix Hart Swag and a Shout Out from me on the TV SHOW!


To win a shout out by me on this season of Troubadour, TX:

Share this FACEBOOK post any and everywhere you can by clicking the share button at the bottom of the post so it is tracked. Share it as many times as you want! If you have friends in the Dallas/Ft Worth Area or want to make a quick weekend road trip – lets get people out to this show!


ReTWEET the Twitter tweets for the Jan 27th show as many times as you can before the show on Fri!


You must BRING the most people to the show! Bring everyone you know! In return you will get a shout out from me on Troubadour, TX this season, and The Ultimate Package from my merch page there at the show!

I can’t wait to see you all at the show – START SPREADING THE WORD!!

SHOW: Opening Bell Coffee – 1409 S. Lamar St. Dallas Texas.
Doors 7pm. Phoenix Hart @9pm!

XOXO Phoenix

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The other morning I ran my first full 5 miler in a very long time. At the end I felt better than ever, which was a nice surprise because the night before I lost a lot of sleep thinking “I might die tomorrow”.

In the last few weeks I’ve been in training mode. Running, meditating, practicing yoga…expanding past the normal music routine and trying to better my health and mind.  Maybe it’s “mercury in retrograde” (as I’ve been told over and over) but I’ve been in a sort of panic, like I had a lot of catching up to do before the new year. Maybe you feel the same thing?

While checking email last night I found a new message in my mail box from a guy whose blog I subscribe to. It’s called Zen Habits and the post was titled “Quashing The Self Improvement Urge” and the take away was something like “be content with who you are right now.”

I’ve heard that a million times throughout my life, but there was something about the way this was written, and maybe the timing that hit home for me.

In the beginning he lists off things that people try to do or accomplish in order to fill some inner void or feel more adequate about themselves, because in the end we want to be able to look back and say “I did it all” rather than “I wish I had…” As I was reading through the post, I found myself happily checking off accomplishments and “self improvements” I’ve made already. I’ve done this, and that, or been here, and there, but the list in his post kept going, and by the end of it, the feeling I had at first of satisfaction and accomplishment had changed. The mood had mellowed and I realized that I had started to actually count my blessings. I was noting them less as accomplishments and successes, but more as great things in my life to be thankful for. We all have many things to be thankful for, even in the hardest of times. If you are alive and breathing…start there. Meditate on that for a minute.

In my last email I mentioned that this was always the time of year I found it easiest to reflect, give thanks, and count my blessings.

As the new year is just around the corner and we begin to think of our resolutions and new goals, don’t forget to remember the things you’ve already been given.

I am so lucky and thankful that you guys have been a part of my life and I wish you the happiest holiday season, and a VERY happy new year in 2012.

See you all soon!

MY CALENDAR FOR UPCOMING SHOWS IN JANUARY (http://www.phoenixhart.com/live/)

ZEN HABITS POST (http://zenhabits.net/)



Xoxo – Phoenix Hart

It’s finally fall. Time to reflect and be thankful, and if you are in Texas or the south… time to finally enjoy some weather below 110 degrees. Phew.

To start off the season of reflection I would like to say Thank You to all who have continuously supported me and the music by coming out to shows, tweeting, retweeting, reposting my YouTube videos, and let’s not forget Facebooking (lol social media is awesome!) I can’t tell you how grateful I am to have such supportive friends and fans!

This last year was a big stepping stone for me in celebrating the release of my debut album “Save Love” on compact disc AND vinyl and you all gave it wings with your support! Literally… I have been played in Japan, Brazil, and last week I got responses from a radio show in Austria. So please!! Keep spreading the word!!

So in return, to show my love and support to you guys, I would like to offer 15% off of all my merch packages starting today, Thanksgiving Day (Nov 24th) all the way through midnight Monday the 28th.

Click here to visit my store.

Also, during the 5 Days of THANKS and GIVING I will personally autograph ALL CD and Vinyl purchases before they are sent off.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Xoxo Phoenix Hart

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